An Explanation of Question Time

Finally, we find out why they\’re all like that:


While preparing for my first Question Time last night, talking to former panellists, I discovered a strata of politics I didn’t know existed. With five million viewers it’s the most-watched political TV programme and is taken incredibly seriously by all parties. Blair expected his Cabinet to do it, and face the public (although one G. Brown never did). “Clear the whole day for it,” one Shadow Cabinet member advised me. “No lunch, no nothing, just prepare”. Some of the advice was chemical (half a beta blocker to calm the nerves, it turns out, is a trick of the trade).

Yup, they\’re all on drugs.

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  1. I have it on good authority that Departmental civil servants are kept on leashes in a room under the ballot box, where they are whipped feverishly to provide some sort of factual content to PM responses to the opposition’s jibes.

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