How excellent:

The Prime Minister, who has said he wants a new relationship between government and citizens, has begun work on a draft statement setting out what he believes it means to be British, which he will launch in January.

It will be put out to consultation with members of the public invited to give their opinions on his definition of Britishness, said to include such words as "decency", "fairness" and "opportunity".

Insiders said the statement was intended to reflect "the ideals and principles that bind us together as a nation", and will include a list of "great British books" and historical documents that "constitute the essence of our Britishness".

Documents, eh? Why, we could start with this and this.

Add in this as a reminder of what we\’ve historically done to those who have breached those documents and we\’d be getting somewhere I think.

Might give pause to those recommending the abolition of habeus corpus for example, imprisonment without trial maybe.

6 thoughts on “Britishness!”

  1. Tim, what’s your/libertarians’ position on Jury trials? Are you against them?

    Tim adds: All in favour of them: most specifically because they allow the possibility of jury nullification. That is that, even though the law says he’s guilty, the facts say he’s guilty, we the jury find him not so because the law’s an ass.

  2. But what I was wondering is, given you have said you are against conscription even in a WWII situation, how would they be manned? If it was voluntary, wouldn’t there be a risk of bias?

    Tim adds: I think we can make a small difference between being asked to give up a week or two of your time to ensure that justice is done and your life at the whim of a politician, can we not?

  3. Ah, yes, those documents are mighty important. Just imagine if Britishness weren’t defined – why, people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

  4. The best definition would be found in all the old jokes about the british – mostly because jokes need a kernal of truth.
    But best of all is that to be British you have to be born and bred in Britain.

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