Can They Do This?

I would be surprised if they could:

Romania is to limit the right of young doctors to work abroad after government figures showed that almost half were leaving in search of better paid jobs, causing serious staff shortages, Eugen Nicolaescu, the Health Minister, said.

I get the point of what they\’re trying to do: after you\’ve paid to train someone you\’d like them to stick around. But freedom of movement within the EU means just that, doesn\’t it? Not just entry into another country, but the right to leave one?


5 thoughts on “Can They Do This?”

  1. This is the trick. First break borders and weaken the Nation State. Watch things go wrong, then “fix” them to ones own, centrist, advantage. You then end up with peopel having to ask permission to move.

    Exit Visas, Mr Rick?

  2. Serves the f***ing Romanian government right. The Law Of Unintended Consequences, the best and most powerful law ever (apart from gravity) applies there as much as anywhere.

  3. “Presumably this’ll only be enforceable if they come home for a holiday…”

    Hmmn. I had an Egyptian friend who gave two fingers to his Government over this same thing. Ten years later when he discovered he had to renew his Egyptian passport…

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