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My apologies here, but I thought that this woman was supposed to be bright?

It certainly represents what\’s happening in Tanzania, where I have been meeting African businesswomen. The popular saying – \’the African farmer and her husband\’ – shows there is nothing new in the essential, if hidden, role of women in the economy.

OK, right, we know this.

Women own just 1 per cent of the world\’s titled land, a fact that makes it very difficult for women entrepreneurs to get bank loans, because they have no collateral.

Yup, we also know this. However, did you know this?

Under Section 4 (1) the Land Act, 1999, all land in Tanzania belongs to the state. Land can, however, be owned in three different ways 1) Government granted right of occupancy 2) Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) derivative rights 3) Sub – Leases created out of granted right of occupancy by the private sector.

Rights of occupancy and derivative rights are granted for a short term and long term period.

That is, that no one in Tanzania owns land, they only lease it from The State? A fairly important thing to note, don\’t you think, when reporting from Tanzania on the difficulties of entrepreneurs getting bank loans because they have no collateral?

So where does the reputation for intelligence come from?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You can’t be too harsh on Cherie. She is merely regurgitating the Received Wisdom of her age which, thanks to Hernando de Soto, talks about property rights. There is no stupidity like the stupidity of the Conventional Wisdom. Just ask Baroness Warnock. So she has not thought this through. A good thing to or she might reflect on what her husband’s government has been up to and how it treats women in prtactice.

    The other thing she misses of course is that in Africa men do high pestige jobs like hunt and herd cattle. Women do low prestige jobs like farm. But in her Right On Female Empowerment poor Cherie missed this fact.

  2. Strictly, all land in England is owned by the Crown; a freehold title is an “estate in fee simple”, which confers the right to do anything with the property but does not confer ownership.

    (This comment was brought to you by the department of pointless trivia.)

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