Claire Verity

This is interesting about Claire Verity:

Channel 4 has launched an investigation into the qualifications of Claire Verity, the nanny who appears on its television series Bringing Up Baby, in which she advocates a 1950s-style approach to parenting.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 yesterday confirmed that an inquiry into Ms Verity\’s qualifications was under way after indications from the awarding bodies where she is said to have received her accreditation that they had no records of her attendance. The spokeswoman stressed that a maternity nurse did not need any formal qualification to practise.

The techniques used by Ms Verity, 42, originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, have caused concern among parents and children\’s organisations; they include instructions to leave babies to cry, or outside "to air" and limiting cuddling time to 10 minutes a day. The NSPCC said her methods were "outdated and potentially harmful", while the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said her recommendation that babies sleep alone in a separate room contradicted official guidance on reducing the risk of cot death.

The channel\’s spokeswoman added: "We are looking into them [the qualifications] … We got her background information from her agent and we realised some of those were erroneous soon after we released information about Ms Verity. As soon as we realised this, we withdrew the information … we would like to make it clear you do not need any formal qualification to practise as a maternity nurse."

Most interesting, don\’t you think?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Who cares about blatant Trade Union closed shop protectionism (aka credentials)? She should not claim to be something she is not, but if she is a good nanny, who gives a monkey’s if she has the Union ticket or not? Which is not to say she is a good nanny. She sounds a nightmare, but that is a question for parents. Not the regulating authorities. We need to stand up for everyone’s right to screw up their children’s lives by hiring Madame Whiplash as a nanny if they feel like.

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