Dan Hannan On Politics

There\’s two ways to read this:

This might seem an odd thing to write with the polls showing Labour 11 points ahead. But I haven\’t met anyone who actually believes these figures. Pundits have hunches about these things, and hunches matter in politics.

After all, what we call the sixth sense is really an unconscious amalgam of what the other five are trying to tell us. So pause, for a moment, and look beyond the polls.

One is what he means: implicit knowledge and all that. The other is what you can read into it. Politics is all about damn the evidence and go with gut feel. Which is why, of course, politicians do so many things that fly directly in the face of the evidence.

My gut feel is that 99% of the problems we have with politics comes from that latter. Simply no connection with reality.

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  1. Also you have to really come up with a good reason why the polls are wrong, and more why the polls got ‘wronger’. For unless you believe the Tories were 15% up and are now ‘only’ 5% up, you have to explain that movement.

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