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Gosh, what a surprise!

It looks like good news. In an era where psychological problems are increasingly explained in terms of biological deficits, the government has announced that it will spend £170m by 2010 on talking therapies for depression and anxiety. The scheme should pay for itself as better mental health will mean fewer sick days and benefits – £170m isn\’t much compared with an annual £12bn cost to the economy. But will it really help?

The answer, sadly, is negative. Talking therapy means not psychotherapy, but cognitive behavioural therapies (CBTs). These aim at the removal of symptoms and the return to work of sufferers, who will have learned to identify and manage patterns of undesirable behaviour. However, clinicians know that patients are likely to be back on a waiting list within a year to 18 months. Their underlying problems will not have been resolved, resulting in new symptoms or the return of old ones.

More money is to be spent on mental health problems. Does this toiler in the fields of mental health welcome this? No, of course not. It\’s being spent on the wrong kind of mental health treatments. That is, the sort that he does not do, that he will not profit from.

Yes, really, someone at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research thinks that the mental health budget should be spent on Freudian Analysis. Shocker, eh?

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  1. I’m still reeling with shock and confusion.

    If psychoanalysis is so effective how is it that the analysts themselves so often are immersed in the very problems they proport to cure.

    Freud had an emotionally incestuous relationship with his daughter. Klein was hated by her children. Woody Allen, after years of analysis married his own albeit adopted daughter. Reich went mad & died in a police cell.

    I think grandiosity and narcissism is this guy’s thing.

  2. Freud had an emotionally incestuous relationship with his daughter.

    What’s that supposed to mean? Either he fucked his daughter, which is incest, or he didn’t, which is not.

    Woody Allen, after years of analysis married his own albeit adopted daughter.

    ITYM his ex’s adopted daughter.

  3. Hello Philp,

    This should clear it up –

    “Freud’s authority with Anna was absolute; he had established it early in her life, in part by psychoanalyzing her himself. Looking back on the psychoanalysis, Anna said that her father never permitted her to indulge in halfway measures. He compelled her to offer the whole truth about everything, including her erotic life. It seems that she shared with him accounts of her sexual fantasies and of her initial forays into masturbation, and that Freud took it all in with characteristic equanimity. Anna emerged from the analysis grateful to her father and more committed to him than ever. From that time on, Freud’s attitude toward his daughter was protective in the extreme, especially when sex was the issue. Even as Anna reached her 20s and began to attract men, including one of Freud’s disciples, the devoted womanizer Ernest Jones, Freud continually proclaimed that she was too young and not at all ready to leave the family. Once, during the period of Anna’s analysis, when she had gone off on vacation and left her mother and father, Freud, writing to the Russian psychoanalyst Lou Andreas Salomé, said, “I have long felt sorry for [Anna] for still being at home with us old folks, … but on the other hand, if she really were to go away, I should feel myself as deprived as I [would] now if I had to give up smoking!”

    By 1938, Anna had virtually displaced Freud’s wife, Martha, in his life of feeling. Anna took care of him: She got his medicine; she helped him remove and clean the prosthesis installed on the right side of his jaw, where the cancer had done its damage — they called the device “the Monster.” And Anna sustained her father intellectually as well, for he talked his ideas over with her as much as he did with anyone. He sought her comfort, yes, but he also sought her intellectual advice. Anna had become Freud’s great stay against the world.

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