England 14, France 9

I agree, obviously, that all of creation should celebrate this, that plants should spurt with growth, that the very heavens should reflect that God is indeed there and that all is right with his creation.

Might I ask a small favour though? (And I do not believe that I am the only one who will be doing so this morning….)

Could we just change the volume and pitch controls on that very creation?

The sun is that tad too bright and the birdsong just a little too loud this morning. Yes, yes, Hosannas are all very well, justified, but can they not be sung quietly?


2 thoughts on “England 14, France 9”

  1. And an Englishette is having a birthday party this morning, the Bouncy Castle is up, the balloons are being popped, the screaming…. and even this keyboard is too noisy for me….

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