Err, Excuse Me?

Someone, somewhere, has a very odd view of religion:

The ultimate came in last week\’s episode, featuring rowing champion Matthew Pinsent. His tree traced back to Edward I. According to medieval genealogy, monarchs are divinely appointed, so this meant Pinsent was actually a direct descendant of Jesus.

While there are Christian and other sects who insist that Jesus had children it\’s certainly not a mainstream belief: nor was it a mainstream one in medieval times. Thus no monarchs claimed direct descent from Jesus: even if they did claim to be divinely appointed. I don\’t know who got this wrong, the original TV show or Vic Groskrop, but very wrong it is.

4 thoughts on “Err, Excuse Me?”

  1. The broadcast did show a chap from the College of Arms unrolling a mediaeval scroll and pointing out Jesus in the regal ancestry though I don’t recall whether he said ‘related to’ or ‘descended from’.

    I always knew such a fine upstanding Englishman as Pinsent would come from decent stock.

    What I’d like to know are which ‘celebrities’ have had their ancestry investigated by the programme researchers only for their family history to have been judged far too tedious to bother making a TV show about.

  2. I’m pretty certain that Jesus having children (and getting married, avoiding crucifixion, and dieing a natural death which he didn’t come back from) is considered orthodox in the Islamic tradition where he is venerated but as a man along with the other prophets. However I have never heard of anybody claiming that one of Jesus’ decedents ended up on the English thrown.

    This sounds especially dodgy as all the medieval monarchs considered themselves to be divinely appointed, many continuing to use this case all the way through the Renaissance and into the Enlightenment period. For example Charles I was still using it in when came to his sticky end.

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