Err, Jeff?

Yes, I know that small business is important, but this much so?

Small businesses employ more than 10m people, nearly half the private-sector workforce, and contribute almost £1,000bn to the British economy.

The British economy is what, some £1,2 trillion? And we\’re saying that 50% of the private sector workforce alone is providing 83% of that? Don\’t think so, somehow. That\’s the sort of number that should set journalistic alarm bells ringing, surely?

2 thoughts on “Err, Jeff?”

  1. According to this official (and ? authoritative) source dated August 2006:

    “Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together accounted for more than half of the employment (58.7 per cent) and turnover (51.1 per cent) in the UK.”

    By definition, SMEs are counted as businesses employing up to 249 people. This source makes no reference to GDP.

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