I\’ve just finished reading through some 1200-1500 sex blogs in order to write up 100 of them for this book coming to all good bookstores near you real soon now.

Does anyone mind if I go scrub my eyeballs now?

Some of them were truly, awfully bad.



2 thoughts on “Excuse Me”

  1. Does anyone mind if I go scrub my eyeballs now?

    Are you sure it’s your eyeballs that need scrubbing and not your keyboard, monitor, and mouse?

    Tim adds: Entirely certain. The sadness of the research was finding out how terribly few of them rose to even sexy, in a seaside postcard sort of manner, let alone erotic. Entirely the best ones were those parodying some of the best known sexblogs….one of which I couldn’t include in the book because of who is writing the intro.

  2. Tim, how long do you spend blogging (reading, writing, researching, etc.) a day? Are you a hermit perchance? Is your fascination with lightbulbs due due to years spent cloistered in front of a creaking old keyboard in a darkened study and the attendent inability to tolerate natural sunlight?

    Tim adds: I pretty much make my living from blogging (and writing) so it’s a full time job. The fascination with light bulbs comes from my other job, running a company that supplies one of the vital ingredients for the manufacture of a certain kind.

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