First They Came For the Fresh Milk….

You\’ll recall that yesterday Defra was found wanting us to all switch to UHT milk (rather, they were interested in forcing us away from fresh) in order to save the carbon emissions of chilling the current preferred fresh milk. Today, from Joanna Lumley:

or, more likely, increasing the number of meat-free meals and maybe substituting dairy milk and cream with equivalents made from soya beans or oats at some meals.

So not even that is acceptable, we all have to switch to soya milk. Oats? Never even heard of that.

Just one  thought….wouldn\’t we be burning down the rain forest to find the space for all those soya plants?

13 thoughts on “First They Came For the Fresh Milk….”

  1. Oats…

    “Meat, Ma’m, MEAT! If you’d kept him on gruel, none of this would’ve happen’d!” – Mr Bumble. Oliver Twist.

    If the want to cut down on needless refrigeration, how about all those “fresh sandwiches” or frozen packet meals for crying out loud!

    Like the smoking ban, when you place it in the context of where it “should” be, or where it may end up because logically (but not rationally) it starts from there, the imbecility and fascistic nature of it becomes clear.

    Cutting back of Fresh Milk actually means they want to cut back on frozen foods.

    We will be living in a wattle hut on the Danube before they are satisfied.

  2. “Oats? Never even heard of that”

    C’mon. You must surely recall the entry for: Oats, in Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English language (1755):

    “A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland appears to support the people.”

    So now we all know what is to blame. But then as Johnson said: “Much may be made of a Scotchman, if he be caught young.”

    Tim adds: Sorry, I mean a milk substitute made from oats.

  3. Really does begin to sound like they getting ready for a soviet style 5 year plan on the food economy.

    There is not much more that british farming can take of this garbage.

    The milk of course has nothing to do with refridgeration and global warming, it is to bring us into line with the rest of Europe, where UHT over fresh is much more common.

    The reduction in gasses output means that they looking to reduce the cattle head count in the UK, so expect another ‘accidental’ outbreak of Foot and Mouth.

    In 3 years time, when the Treasury finally goes pop, we wont be able to import meat products, so get used to it now…..

  4. How about just not taking any advice from has-been actresses reduced to flogging car insurance on the telly these days…?

  5. “Tim adds: Sorry, I mean a milk substitute made from oats.”

    For all that, Oats seem to be a regular ingredient nowadays in many meat substitutes among the chilled vegetarian meals in my local superstore.

    I think we have to take it that oats may be on their way to what I believe are now called “super foods”, which doubtless means we are all destined to become ever more like Samuel Johnson’s archetypal Scotchmen.

  6. Personally, I prefer McCanns Irish oats, but I’m revealing that only because Bob already used my line. Perhaps it is time to buy oat futures as it looks like they may be part of the dictated wave of the future and corn certainly has benefitted from the ethanol frenzy.

  7. “Whenever individuals’ behaviour is controlled by habits that they should control, we are at the fulcrum of the relationship between domination and freedom. Government has been reluctant to intrude, but now it must.”

    Thus spake a Labour peer in the Guardian comment today:,,2191967,00.html

    Looks like they are coming for way more than just milk and meat.

  8. Okay… so we’\re all moaning about the fascists and their diatribes against drinkers, smokers, meat eaters and the rest. The truth is, the left has got its tail up thanks to that idiot AL Gore. But what in God’s name are we going to do about it? Write another letter to The Telegraph? Brown and his fellow travellers are taking us down the same path trodden by Mugabe. Do we have to wait until Britain is an economic basket case? Let’s have some concrete suggestions about countering this lefty drivel.

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