Giddens on Addiction

Scary stuff here:

Why is compulsive behaviour so common in modern society? It seems to be linked to lifestyle choice. We are freer now than 40 years ago to decide how to live our lives. Greater autonomy means the chance of more freedom. The other side of that freedom, however, is the risk of addiction. The rise of eating disorders coincided with the advent of supermarket development in the 1960s. Food became available without regard to season and in great variety, even to those with few resources.

The logical conclusion to that argument is that in order to beat addiction we should reduce freedom.

Perhaps a reminder that there\’s no worse addiction than the one to power over other people\’s lives.

3 thoughts on “Giddens on Addiction”

  1. “Food became available … in great variety, even to those with few resources.” Fuck me, capitalism works.

  2. Yes, this article is pretty scary. Some people’s solution to everything is more regulation.

    Plus by the look of some of the things he’s written he doesn’t know the first thing about addiction.

  3. I thought the obvious solution was to ban supermarkets and go back to the very expensive good old days of the butcher, baker, greengrocer and fish monger. They could then be limited to selling things produced within walking distance of their shops. Once that was accomplished, all our cares and worries would disappear (as would half the population due to starvation). Think of it – the one-size fits-all solution to obesity, addiction, over-population, free thought, and global warming.

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