Good News: Sorta

So the Govt has indeed changed its mind:

Iraqi interpreters and other key support staff who have risked their lives to work for Britain are to be allowed to settle in the United Kingdom, The Times has learnt.

Hundreds of interpreters and their families are to be given assistance to leave Iraq, where they live under fear of death squads because they collaborated with British forces. Those wishing to remain in Iraq or relocate to neighbouring countries will be helped to resettle.

After a two-month campaign by The Times, Gordon Brown is set to announce that interpreters who have worked for the British Government for 12 months will be given the opportunity of asylum in Britain.

The offer also applies retrospectively to interpreters who worked for the Government but have ceased to do so. Government sources have disclosed that a few hundred vital support staff would also be helped, although they declined to give details.

The question is, will this cover everyone at risk? And how will it operate bureaucratically? Still need to know more of the details.

3 thoughts on “Good News: Sorta”

  1. The devil, or Iblis if you would prefer, is going to be in the details of Gordo’s statement and the precise way any change in the rules is going to be applied in practise …

    We wait (and hope) to see.

  2. Or becoming English teachers?

    Can I assume by the misspelling of ‘favour’ you are of the across-the-Atlantic persuasion (hence don’t have the excuse of the rugby results to grant booze as an explanation for ‘children’ or ‘bomb’)?

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