Good News, Surely?

I\’m not sure why The Guardian is all exercised over this:

Britain faces the prospect of power shortages and soaring prices this winter after the National Grid warned of a shortfall in electricity-generating capacity yesterday. The alert coincides with a surge in gas prices, which are now 40% higher than in continental Europe, and the confirmation that a vital import plant in South Wales will not be operational this winter.

And it emerged last night that the energy minister, Malcolm Wicks, met power providers and users last week to discuss mounting concerns that the UK was heading into another winter of soaring prices and power shortages, similar to the one that forced some manufacturers to shut down capacity 24 months ago.

It means lower energy usage and thus lower emissions doesn\’t it? Just bringing forward a little what they keep telling us we have to do anyway?

1 thought on “Good News, Surely?”

  1. Gas prices 40% higher than in [continental] Europe?

    Are they really?

    Doesn’t it all come from the same places?

    Is this another “benefit” of New Labour?

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