Gordon Brown on Liberty

So we\’re going to get lots more liberty from El Gordo. Aren\’t we lucky little boys and girls?

Gordon Brown has set out to jettison Labour\’s reputation for authoritarianism with a pledge to "open a new chapter" on civil liberty in Britain.

A new chapter? How delightful! What is it that we\’ll get?

New rights of protest. This will mean watering down laws – introduced just four years ago – that ban any unauthorised protest within one kilometre of the Palace of Westminster.

Is that a new right? Isn\’t it, rather, simply the resumption of an old one? One that was taken away four short years ago?

New rights of access to public information by extending the Freedom of Information Act to companies carrying out public functions, such as private prisons.

How lovely: now, who wants to bet that at the same time as FoI is extended, it\’s also tightened? To make it more difficult to find out things but from a larger group of people?

Entrenched freedoms of the press to carry out investigative journalism.

Sorry? We already have freedom of the press don\’t we? Freedom of speech, of association? But there\’s another matter here. By "entrenching" the freedom of one group to do something then you\’re marking them off, making them someone special. That\’s something that traditionally we don\’t do: we don\’t say that as a "registered journalist" (for there must be some method of divining who is "Press" and who is not if there are to be privileges) you have legal rights greater or different than anyone else. I\’ll guarantee you that whatever freedoms are entrenched will not extend to bloggers: it\’ll be only those on the register. And of course, by controlling those who are on the register there is thus control over the system.

New rights against invasion of property after it emerged there are 250 laws allowing state agents to enter a home.

Worthwhile, of course: but the simplest measure would just be to insist that outside the emergency services everyone else must hav a warrant. Let the magistrates decide.

Mr Brown said he would not compromise the security of the nation and there would be tougher counter-terrorism laws before Christmas.

Aaaaah…there it is. The other shoe. We get back some fraction of what has been stolen from us at the same time as more is taken.

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We\’re free to be tried twice for the same crime, we\’re free to be tried without a jury, we\’re free to be incarcerated without trial, we\’re free to be subjected to house arrest without trial, we\’re free to have a barcode stamped on our forehead, we\’re free of the right to silence, we\’re free to be jailed for a t-shirt saying "Bollocks to Blair", we\’re free to be watched by 4.5 million cameras, we\’re free to have our money, our homes, taken without being convicted of an offense, we\’re free to have to prove our innocence instead of having our guilt proved, we\’re free to be extradited without evidence….

They\’re gatherin\’ \’em up from miles around
Keepin\’ the British down

Fuck \’em. Hang them all.



3 thoughts on “Gordon Brown on Liberty”

  1. There’s been a lot of talk of lampposts and hanging recently. I think we really might be getting to that stage. I don’t think I can put up with this one eyed cunt for another 18 months…..

  2. Lets face it Tim, short of Brown making you sole dictator, you are never going to be happy. The FOI act is being strengthened, and never existed before ‘these cunts’ as you put it, got into power. Labour will never get any credit for anything. It may be alright for you(and your tax exile friiends) living in Portugal, if the Tories get back in, but for the rest of us who live here it would be a disaster. I bet you will soon come scuttling back in the UK if you need any healthcare. As Monbiot says;

    You ‘libertarians’ are the lowest form of blood sucking, free riding, reactionary scum!

    Tim adds: Err, Neil, what makes you think that living in Portugal means I don’t pay tax? They do have a tax system here you know. Just as I’m still part of the UK system for some income. As to health care, well, the last two times I have needed it (8 stitches on a dog bite and treatment for an infected cyst) I’ve paid for it out of hand. I “could” claim that back from the NHS if I wanted to but prefer not to. I’m one of those stinking libertarians you see, quite willing not to burden the State, even though I’m paying for it.

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