Greatest Living Geniuses

Not sure you know, not sure at all.

Brian Eno and Damian Hirst at joint 15th? Noam Chomsky at 32?

Although there\’s the joy of seeing that Rupert Murdoch is rated above both Chomsky and Harold Pinter…that\’ll annoy the right people.

7 thoughts on “Greatest Living Geniuses”

  1. They have used a very vague definition of genius or is genius now defined by celebrity status?

    p.s. Where is Al Gore’s name? Didn’t he invent the internet, global warming and bring peace to the world?

  2. Any such list will generate debate, but to place Matt Groening above Steven Hawking is to invite ridicule.

  3. The geniuses who drew up the list put 101 people on it. People who can’t count to 100 kind of lose my respect.

  4. Effing and Blinding

    Saw the Dalai Lama speak once in Sydney some years ago.

    Sweet enough guy and all, and undeniable charm.

    But Einstein he definitely ain’t.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    At Number 12 I notice Li Hongzhi – the leader of China’s Falun Gong sect. Anyone persecuted by the Chinese Communists has the benefit of the doubt as far as I am concerned, but anyone who believes in UFOs, Chinese racial superiority and the dangers of diluting it by marrying foreigners and assorted riff raff, and that modern medicine is a waste of time is not a great thinker. The Dalai Lama is bad enough. Face it, China and the the region has produced no one worthy of inclusion in this list. Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi aside.

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