Insane Environmentalist of the Day

Err, please, can someone tell me what this nutter is on about?

Whether it turns out to be He-3, solar energy, or some as yet unknown technology that draws humanity back to the moon, there\’s an irony here. In 1968, Apollo 8 brought back the first shimmering image of an "Earthrise" as seen from the moon. Four years later, Apollo 17 came home with the famous whole Earth picture. These new views of our fragile, heartbreakingly isolated planet are often credited with having helped to kickstart the environmental movement – even with having changed the way we see ourselves as a species.

At present, nations are forbidden under international treaty from making territorial claims to the moon, but the same has hitherto been true of Antarctica, of which the UK government is trying to claim a chunk. Earth\’s sister has played a role in teaching us to value our environment: how extraordinary to think that the next giant leap for the environmental movement might be a campaign to stop state-sponsored mining companies chomping her up in glorious privacy, a quarter of a million miles from our ravaged home.

Mining up there for our energy will reduce the damage we do here mining for our energy. No?

Or is he worried we\’ll deplete the soup mines and wipe out the Clangers?

5 thoughts on “Insane Environmentalist of the Day”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Clearly he prefers the moon to remain untouched by human hands no matter what the cost. The fact that he cannot see it up close, or use it in any way, nor can anyone else learn anything from it or on it, much less that it might solve our energy “crisis” is all irrelevant. His hatred of human beings means that he thinks we are a form of pollution and will ruin the Moon simply by being there.

    It is frankly a genocidal attitude.

  2. The problem is that it might work & the “ecologically concerned” only ever support something which won’t (which is why they laud fusion but not fission). Expect to see all those worried about preserving the ecology of Antarctica to extend their concerns to the Moon.

  3. How can anyone disapprove of mining on the moon? It’s not like there is anyone or anything to be disturbed. Personally, I love the idea. I think space travel and exploration is ace but it’s always had a slightly pointless quality to it. Now we can pretend there’s money to be made as well as spent.

  4. Oh there’s money. As soon as we can get industry to stump up for the space elevator.

    They’re making such a good showing of paying for Galileo….

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