Jeremey Leggett Column

In which he demands subsidy for his company.

Odd, I thought The Guardian was against corporate welfare?

3 thoughts on “Jeremey Leggett Column”

  1. Corporate welfare is just part of the evolution of Socialism to Sociofascism.

    Subsidies are awful things. Some get them and have huge advantage, whereas others do not and, even if they are BETTER than the rest, will suffer. THAT is wrong.

    And before anyone says that the disher of subsidies can pick the best, do not make me laugh. They cannot.

  2. I wonder if the Guardian will give a similar column, with the same reasoning, to a director of BNFL/Nexia ?

  3. The whole column is based on the erroneous and malign assumption that national economies compete against each other, rather than individual corporations within economies. It also contains a congeries of nonsense, including as it does such question-begging idiocies as global warming and peak oil.

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