Joaquim Chissano and the Mo Ibrahim Prize

Well, this is a nice little earner fo ex-politicians I must say:

At a ceremony in London, a panel headed by Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general, announced Mr Chissano as the first winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize, funded by Mohammed Ibrahim, a Sudanese telecommunications billionaire, to promote good governance in Africa.

The former guerrilla, who fought the colonial Portuguese regime in Mozambique before becoming president in 1986, will receive annual instalments totalling $5 million (£2.5 million) over 10 years and then $200,000 per year for life.

While Mr Chissano\’s record in government was praised, Mr Annan made clear that the choice was just as much about the way he left office.

How did he leave office? Pursued by the anti-corruption furies, wasn\’t it?

Transparency International seems to think his son had something to do with a murder or two, so does the New York Times.

9 thoughts on “Joaquim Chissano and the Mo Ibrahim Prize”

  1. If Mr Ibrahim wants to spend his own money in this way, that is his choice. At least it isn’t taxpayers money. However, it still seems like a waste to me – think how many lampposts and how much rope these $millions could provide for the people of Africa.

  2. Big Prizes always have a “Price-tag”:winners are all too often losers in the long run…..
    From Isabel Witty NZ. ESP/Telepathy/2007

  3. Please delete my email address after I make a comment…..I was under the impression that websites were careful with readers email addresses. Yrs. etc. Isabel NZ.

  4. Rosie Isabel Witty

    Time passes and telepathy advanced for “needy” incomes for some, inclusive of gamble lotteries making a few of great riches provided by millions of losers…globally. Isabel Witty NZ “Y” ?

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