Left Margins

Can anyone tell me, are we still having problems with the left margins in IE 6?

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  1. Looked fine when I gave it a check. It was previously most/only visible with the longer posts or those with many comments. Checking a few of those showed no problems.

  2. Sunday afternoon here in Texas. The stars at night are big and bright … and the left margin is still pinching on my IE 6.0 – but it doesn’t start until the post “Err, Excuse me …’ and then gets progressively worse as you go down the old posts.

  3. It’s still bad for me, towards the bottom of the main page. When I mouse over the “n comments” link, the “Tags:” fragment reformats itself more to the right, so that it lines up with the over-line. The last two lines on the last para of most posts are indented by 1 space.

    On my other machine (same spec) the problem isn’t apparent, which is odd. Also, on this machine the vertical bars to the left of the in-post quotes don’t appear.

    (IE 6.0, XP Pro)

  4. Could it be the “google_ad_width = 160”

    Shouldn’t you use some run-time browser calculated ‘page width/3’ or somesuch.

  5. “Could it be the “google_ad_width = 160″

    Shouldn’t you use some run-time browser calculated ‘page width/3′ or somesuch.”

    Er… No. The sidebar is 210px, the Google Ads are 160px: plenty of space. Besides, this problem was happening before the Google Ads were put in place.


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