Let There Be Light!

This is the image The Guardian uses to launch a new site promoting a reduction in carbon footprints.

It creates quite a feeling in me I have to say. I\’ve been sent a similar image in the past and told that some 50% of the light that can be seen in such satellite photos of the earth at night comes from halogen light bulbs. As we are suppliers of a vital ingredient (scandium, if you should care to know) to some 80% of that part of the light bulb market, that means that we are involved in providing 40% of the light you can see in that photo (assuming that the first assertion is true).

It\’s extremely gratifying to know that, however a minor cog one is, one\’s business life contributes so visibly and vividly to human civilisation.

4 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!”

  1. What’s more interesting is how it probably gives an indictator of economic development which isn’t as skewed as many of the statistics development agencies present us. It’s quite amazing to see how India and (in the corner) China are lighting up and how economic freedom’s taken hold in the Middle East, especially around Dubai. Of course, a lot of it is skewed by the presence of deserts. Quite amazing really.

  2. Only a matter of time before they ban halogens, Tim. For that matter, if some have their way, it is only a matter of time before the entire planet resembles North Korea at night.

    Tim adds: As long as the ban isn’t for 20 years or so to see me to my retirement….

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