Maybe the Housing Market Will Fall?

I don\’t normally see much TV but just caught 10 minutes or so of something on Sky while fleaing (or is that defleaing?) the dogs. No idea what it was called mind.

But it was about how to sell your house.

I thought all the shows were about how to buy a house, or how to do one up? Something\’s changed if they\’re telling you about how to sell it, hasn\’t it?

Is this what they call a tipping point?

Or am I simply laughably ill informed about popular culture (or TV, to taste)?


4 thoughts on “Maybe the Housing Market Will Fall?”

  1. There’s one on HGTV called ‘Designed to Sell’. It takes a bunch of interior designers and chippies and shows how to tart up a house to increase its market value. There’s another BBC one which does much the same but also coaches the homeowners on their sales pitch.

  2. And there has been House Doctor for a few years now, which declutters and improves non-selling houses, which usually are sold shortly afterwards.

    Alan Douglas

  3. Laughably ill informed, Tim!

    Tim, adds: Excellent, glad to see I’m up to my usual standards then. Now, if I could just forget who the Beatles are then I can be a judge, yes?

  4. There’s some good news for homeowners. Nationwide report prices rising quickly in October, whilst Capital Economics have forecast their tenth house price collapse.

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