Michael Henderson on Little England

A quite excellent column, quite excellent:

Contrary to those who use the terms "Europe" and "EU" as synonyms, there is a difference between the two that even the bigots of Middle England recognise. Most English people are perfectly happy to acknowledge the existence of Europe.

After all, it is this island race that saved the continent from Napoleon and Hitler, so it could be said we have done our bit to maintain order.

But — and this cannot be stressed strongly enough — Europe is not the EU. One is a physical entity that has developed over centuries, and has given the world its greatest civilisation; a civilisation to which the people of this country have contributed in full measure.

The other is a sclerotic bureaucracy run by pen-pushers for the benefit of their own kind. To point that out is to exercise the scepticism that we expect from our elected representatives, who, in this case, are letting us down.

Both read it all and it\’s something of a cut out and keep piece I think.

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  1. Not quite the same topic but related. The term “UK” is taking over in funny ways from old usages, even in weather forecasts, as in, “rain across much of the UK”. The first time I heard “UK” used in conversation, meaning a physical place, was among merchant seamen in 1970, and it sounded strange. It’s like saying, “I live in Hereford and Worcester”, which hardly any people do.

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