I\’ve just had an email asking me for money to support some federasts. Yes, I know, laugh. It was some French intellectual as well. Who says this:

Franck Biancheri expressed his deep belief that the European construction has now reached a crucial stage of its history and that the main challenge of this decade consists of being able to reconcile democracy and European unity; for otherwise the course of history will lead to a united but undemocratic Europe embodied by the emerging populist trends.

Look, Frankie, I hate to have to break this to you, but democracy is in fact populism. That\’s err, the point. What the mob wants, the mob gets. That\’s actually what democracy, the rule of the Demos, the mob, actually means.

A more reasonable campaign would be to protect democracy from European Unity: but that\’s something that Franck seems unable to understand. A more subtle approach might be to try and protect freedom and liberty from all three of the EU, democracy and the mob…..but then that\’s a very lonely furrow ploughed only by the most committed liberals,



4 thoughts on “Moron”

  1. Elsewhere online and years back, when the debate about Europe was passing through one of its periodic overheated phases, someone very wise from the Netherlands posted up that what I needed to recognise was that for some, their convictions about European federalism amounted to a fundamentalist religion. On reflection, I came to realise that was an important insight. Rational argument isn’t relevant to the debate – the Euro-mindset isn’t changed by mere analysis.

    Consider the internal and external pressures upon Britain to join the Euro c.1999. The supposed benefits of joining were often held to be incontestable and catastrophy was predicted for business and the economy if we remained outside the Eurozone.

    Well, we stayed outside and have greatly benefited as a result. The more fervent Euro-federasts lost credibility because of that. Some, like John Monks, then General Secretary of the TUC, upped and left and settled in Brussels and seldom appear on our radar nowadays.

  2. I think that mob rule is a bit of a simplistic descriptor of democracy. Not all democracies have to be tyrannies by the majority, indeed many of late seem to be tyrannies by the minority.

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