nef Report on Interdependence

Most amusing. nef has a report out today pointing out that we all have to acknowledge our interdependence. The way in which no man or nation can deal with the world entirely on their own, that there\’s a web of connections that link us all.

They then suggest that we deal with this by not trading with our fellow human beings in other nations, that we become self-sufficient in food, in energy and so on, in short, we should acknowledge our interdependence by becoming independent.

Masterly logic from nef, as always.

2 thoughts on “nef Report on Interdependence”

  1. It takes an economist to notice this? Didn’t someone say:
    “No man is an island, entire unto himself . . “.
    As far as NEF is concerned, some people notice the links between people and nations and see opportunity, others see the same thing and are subsumed with fear. And it’s the supposed “left-wingers” who fear globalisation and the “right” who embrace it. Not that you’d expect that from the media, who never grasp that “right-wing” nationalists tend to be “left-wing” in policies.

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