Nick Clegg\’s Liberalism

As The Telegraph reports it:

The Lib Dem leadership favourite talks about his vision for a more liberal Britain and gives ideas on how to to revive the party.

So, he\’s not actually a liberal at all then?

6 thoughts on “Nick Clegg\’s Liberalism”

  1. Did you read all of it, Tim?

    His comment about drugs seems quite sensible – if you’re going to have a system based on harm reduction, then alcohol should also be in there (not that I agree with having such a system).

    Other than that, there’s a few good things – break up the NHS, vouchers for schools, no more on the tax burden.

    Better than Ming, anyway.

  2. I think what is more concerning is that Tim probably did read it, and dismisses it despite Clegg’s position as outlined in that interview being much nearer to a libertarian outlook than David Cameron’s.

    A cover for Toryism defines much of online libertarianism.

    Tim adds: No, I read just that bit of it….

  3. Matthew

    Which bits of Clegg’s position do you view as being nearer to libertarianism? Reorganising the education system or the NHS while leaving them as part of the mega-state strike me as being pretty much the direct opposite of libertarianism. Likewise Tim’s point about classifying alcohol as a drug. He says that the tax take should not go up, but fails to say anything about it getting smaller. He also proposes some further state interference re parental leave.

    I’m lost here. Where do you see something “closer to libertarianism”?

  4. Matthew

    I’ve just re-read the piece from the back to the front.

    On page 3 we have:

    Fathers should get more time off
    No use of the tax system to favour marriage
    The drugs thing (already mentioned)

    On page 2 we have

    Tranfers of power from national to local government (already mentioned)
    The tax burden (already mentioned)
    Interference in arrangements for employees careers breaks

    The tax favouring of marriage could, at a stretch, be considered libertarian, but there is nothing else.

    What are you seeing Matthew. Just tell me.

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