One View, Certainly

As he says:

And what’s wrong with sleaze on TV, if that’s what people want to watch? BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, and if a particular program gets high ratings, it’s because that’s what British people like to watch. If Beyer doesn’t approve of the tastes of British people, he’s welcome to fuck off out of our country. Personally I think it’s absolutely disgusting the amount of filth, depravity and lesbian sex on TV; there’s nowhere near enough.


2 thoughts on “One View, Certainly”

  1. Even as a fellow fan of “Birds-Snogging etc.”, I find it an irrational attraction for a male such as myself. Lesbians take 2 females out of the “mating pool”, so rationally I should hate it… However nothing gets the blood flowing as fast as seeing 2 foxes lezzing-up!


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