Politicians are Extremely Cheap

You can buy them for a fraction of what they get to spend.

Hillary is competing for a job in which she will have significant influence over around $12 trillion in government spending over four years. It\’s amazing that interest groups are willing to donate so little money to help determine who will be the dominant player in allocating this $12 trillion.

2 thoughts on “Politicians are Extremely Cheap”

  1. This has always puzzled me.

    Labour are touting, for example, the ID card scheme on which they are prepared to spend £20 billion or something, which will all go in to the hands of ‘consultants’, whose mark-up is enormous, you’d think that interested companies would be prepared to chip in several hundred million into Labour’s coffers to get their hands on that.

    But Labour got about £25 million in donations at the last election. Is UK plc too stingy with the old back-handers, or is there some clever accounting going on?

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