Protectionism Again

Pure protectionism:

The government will today urge the Soil Association not to strip air-freighted organic fruit and vegetables of their valuable certification on environmental grounds, arguing that such a ban would be "disastrous" for exporting communities in developing countries.

This is nothing to do with the environment. We know that the air freighting in of some goods from regions where they can be grown without hot houses means fewer emissions than domestic production methods. So the ban is all about protectin domestic producers, not the environment.

But then if you allow the domestic trade union of the producers to determine what the standards are, then you can\’t really be surprised that said standards are defined to benefit the local producers, can you?

And damn the poor in other countries, just for good measure.

1 thought on “Protectionism Again”

  1. Surely its for their own good though, because this will combat global warming meaning that the poor people will all be saved by such good and kind people at the Soil Association.

    I really hate these people sometimes. They wrap up their self-interest in terms of helping others, at least those of us who are liberals can admit self-interest and then show how it benefits others as well.

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