Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes, the liberal radio talk show host was viciously mugged outside her New York apartment on Sunday night.

All best wishes for her recovery, of course, but just wondering, is this where she starts the transition to being a conservative?

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  1. “According to Air America Radio late night host Jon Elliott, Rhodes was beaten up pretty badly….Elliott was extremely agitated when he reported on the incident. He opened his show by saying “it is with sadness that tonight I inform you that my Air America colleague Randi Rhodes was assaulted last night while walking her dog near her New York City home.”

    Pointing out that Rhodes was wearing a jogging suit and displayed no purse or jewelry, Elliott speculated that “this does not appear to me to be a standard grab the money and run mugging.”

    “Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own,” he asked. “Are we threatening them. Are they afraid that we’re winning. Are they trying to silence intimidate us.””

    Nice line in paranoia there. After all, New York has never seen a mugging before…

  2. Just thought I’d share this Paul Merton quip
    “On my first day in New York a guy asked me if I knew where Central Park was. When I told him I didn’t he said, ‘Do you mind if I mug you here?’.”
    Let’s hope it makes Ms Rhodes smile, anyway.

  3. I tell you what turns you right wing, having kids. A mate of ours is a social worker/drugs counsellor and until five years ago (when she had her first little boy) she was a right old leftie. She told me recently that she was thinking that maybe UKIP are right.

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