Tim Montgomerie and Nadine Dorries?


I\’ve no idea why but I was under the impression that Tim was travelling on the other bus. Seriously mistaken, obviously.

4 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. IIRC, Montgomerie came out heavily against the Equality Act’s SOR and effectively backed the Catholic Church’s stance, which would be rather odd behaviour for someone using Mad Nad as a personal merkin.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I didn’t pick you for a Ministry of Sound fan. As opposed to the Indie Media blog which they picked this story up from.

    Tium adds. I read Unity, yes.

  3. 1) I seek to remind Sam – again – that I have yet to see him tut-tut Dale or Staines over idle gossip

    2) Sam, can you confirm the claim (that may only have made it to MSM because of someone’s wikipedia-based nonsense) that T.M. is “a committed Christian who opposes sex before marriage”? If this is true, it may explain why Tim lunched often/openly with Nadine, without giving a thought to how it might be intepreted.

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