Recycling Chip Oil

These guys are quite right, recycling chip oil into biodiesel is a great idea. The economics and the environmental effects are absolutely nothing to do with the larger scale growing plants to make fuel: entirely different, as they\’re taking an extant waste stream and turning it into something useful.


"Green subsidies have generated a strong demand for recycled oil in Germany," explains Kelley. "A mafia is developing. They\’re stealing some of my clients – including the caterers at a major London concert hall – then selling the oil abroad."

"That\’s used oil that I could recycle locally being shipped off in tankers to another country," adds Lasica.

As we talk, a steady stream of customers pull on to the Pure Fuels forecourt. Dan, an environmentalist and carpenter from Hertfordshire, arrives on his monthly pilgrimage to fill up his Audi. He loads his boot with plastic containers, taking 200 litres of fuel to share with his friends.

How local is local then?

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