Regulation and Incentives


The number of childminders has fallen by almost a third over the past decade. In 1997, there were 98,500 registered childminders in England. Today, according to the National Childminding Association, there are 69,925.

So, do we want more or fewer child minders?

Childminders are quitting in their thousands because of the bureaucratic "lunacy" governing their work.

Should the regulation be as it is or be relaxed? For it would appear that we can\’t have both the strict regulation and more child minders. Clearly, we\’d like to have both perfect regulation and the exactly right number of child minders but then we\’d all like a pony as well.

So which is it? Oh, and why is it that the bureaucrats seem incapable of realising that there is in fact a choice that has to be made, that regulations are not costless?

6 thoughts on “Regulation and Incentives”

  1. “regulations are not costless”

    They are to the bureaucrats. In fact, without the regulations they’d be out of a “job”.

  2. Her Indoors did briefly consider becoming a registered childminder when she was at home with the littluns, we were sent a 60 page guidance form explaining how many quangoes would need to inspect our home and threw it in the bin.

    How many of those 30,000 missing registered child minders are now operatin unregistered? All of ’em?

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