Royal Sex Scandal

Naming the person at the centre of the royal sex scandal might not be all that wise an idea:

A lawyer who is defending one of the men accused of blackmailing a member of the Royal Family has called for anyone identifying the alleged victim to be prosecuted.

Giovanni Di Stefano, who represents Ian Strachan, an Icelandic socialite, has written to Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General, and Sir Ken Macdonald, the Director of Public Prosecutions, after overseas media were reported to have named the victim.

The lawyer has emphasised that his client never intended to harm the Royal Family, but wanted to alert them to the behaviour of an aide.

Mr Di Stefano claims that he has consulted several QCs and has been told that British authorities could have powers to act against foreign-based broadcasters and websites and issue a European arrest warrant. They could be liable for breaching an English court order guaranteeing anonymity to the blackmail victim and witnesses if their speculation reached Britain.

Mr Di Stefano said: “I am writing to Baroness Scotland and Sir Ken asking them to bring criminal charges against a number of people who have violated the orders of the judge.

“A violation of a contempt of court act is an extraditable offence and I am going to ask for charges to be brought against any newspaper from any jurisdiction that names any people, even if it is the wrong name, because it is in violation of the order.”

Fortunately, I didn\’t. Phew.

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  1. Great lawyer he’s got there: it must say something about him and his case.

    For those with short memories, Giovanni Di Stefano was the Serbian Death Squad leader, and gangster, Arkan’s defence lawyer. Was part of the defence team for Nicholas van Hoogstraten. To top it all he was also on the defence team of Saddam Hussein and is on record as saying he would “…defend Adolf Hitler or Satan.”

    He is not qualified as a UK lawyer – he is an Italian avvocato; he has been found guilty of fraud in the UK in 1986; deported from the USA and barred from entering New Zealand amongst other blots on his CV.

    Nice chap. I think we can safely ignore his threats though.

  2. “For those with short memories, Giovanni Di Stefano was the Serbian Death Squad leader, and gangster, Arkan’s defence lawyer.”

    The importance of correct punctuation…

    “For those with short memories, Giovanni Di Stefano was the defence lawyer for Arkan, the Serbian Death Squad leader and gangster.”

    The first paragraph is libelous towards our learned friend!

  3. This a joke, surely? His client – an alleged blackmailer – sought to (again allegedly) ‘name and shame’ this figure unless paid some serious cash and his lawyer’s response is to get on his high horse demanding secrecy for the proposed victim. Bl**dy cheek!

    What’s more does he seriously thing the European arrest warrant extends as far as Adelaide where the name is out?

  4. When are we going to get a real royal scandal?

    I mean something like this:

    “Queen handbags Tony Blair and calls him a charlatan.”

    It would do wonders for the monarchy.

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