Sara Welch

So, a model called Sara Welch falls through a catwalk at a fashion show. 1,5 million people have watched this so far on You Tube.

I dunno: sure Sara Welch is good looking and all, but I\’m not so sure what\’s so funny about her falling over.

I\’ve seen from one news report that the runway was built over the hotel\’s swimming pool and that if Welch hadn\’t stopped herself with her hands, she\’d have gone right in and had to swim out.

Now that would have been funny.

Or am I evil for thinking so?

2 thoughts on “Sara Welch”

  1. No what was funny, when we had the loft conversion done, one of the chaps put his foot through the ceiling (luckily a bit that they were going to replace anyway). Tee hee.

    Even better, he made the same mistake a couple of days later, and fell straight through to the landing, missing the banister/stairs by about six inches.

    Now that’s what I call a full service.

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