Saturday Competition

So while I toil through these sexblogs a little competition for a Saturday morning.

There\’s this, from the days when children\’s TV shows really were decent TV shows. Yes, Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street.


Compare that to Tiswas: bite me Tarrant.

Then there\’s this.


OK, so, what\’s the connection between the two?

Other than the similarity in dancing styles between Joe Walsh on the table in the second and the little kid in the first? Music geek points for the first correct answer.

BTW, Wikipedia doesn\’t show the answer, just in case you were going to try and look it up.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Competition”

  1. The connection would be Frank Oz, puppeteer for Sesame Street/the muppet Show and with a cameo in Blues Brothers.

    Tim adds: A possible one but no, not the one I was thinking of.

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