Screwing the Soldiers

Sadly, it\’s not just our own MOD that screws those it sends to fight:

I no longer believe in coincidences when it comes to stuff like this. Whoever wrote the order for 729 days knew precisely what he or she was doing.

No, I don\’t believe it\’s a coincidence either.


1 thought on “Screwing the Soldiers”

  1. Ummm…yes…..kinda….sorta. ..but no.

    The way these things happen is that regulations are written to time tours to permit or preclude certain benefits or to keep within the legal authority for mobilizations. At some level, one will usually find the rationale in the US Code. In this case, 729 days is probably driven by the president’s authority to call up reserves for up to two years, and leaving a day or two off to ensure the call up doesn’t violate the law. The writer was suggesting, I think, that something specifically was done in this case to screw the troops. That’s not how it works, generally, and is probably not how it worked in this case. Plus which, every one of those soldiers already had something like 179 days of active duty, which would put them over the two year mark for any benefits timed to two years of active service.

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