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Rootling around the web for examples to put into this directory of sex blogs I find that this is certainly true:

All sex is bad sex in fiction; wise writers leave us at the bedroom door. AS Byatt once pouted, "I do sex very well because I don\’t do it at any great length" – and Bronte, Austen and Tolstoy all left us at the door. Now I admire Norman Mailer but I don\’t want to put my hand down his trousers: not in life, and not in fiction.

There\’s not much really good writing out there on the subject, certainly not in the way that political, or economic, or food, or sports blogging throws up some excellent pieces and writers.

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  1. As a writer, I find that there simply aren’t enough words for the commonest actions in sex to make written scenes descriptive enough. Richard Morgan has a good crack (sorry) at it in Altered Carbon et al, but even in those books, the sex scenes quickly become repetitive.

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