Sir Jonny?

I, er, think not.

Jonny Wilkinson is on course to be voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year and receive a knighthood for his World Cup heroics, bookmakers predicted last night.

There\’s still, rightly or wrongly, a certain class based assumption behind such awards. Brain Ashton might get a KBE if they win but not a player. As Wilkinson is already an OBE he might, might, get upgraded to a CBE but the K before his retirement? I think not.

3 thoughts on “Sir Jonny?”

  1. Well, if Lewis Hamilton wins Formula One championship in his rookie year, I am not too sure about that, despite my admiration for Jonny Wilkinson, who comes across as a thoroughly admirable character.

  2. Well it usually takes some time but quite a few of the England World Cup winning team (Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst) were knighted, as was Trevor Booking and Tom Finney. And the first one –

    Obviously there were other factors too for some of them.

    Closer to his playing career was Stanley Matthews in the 1960s. And there was talk of Beckham last year. Also rugby is a somewhat posher game, is it not?

  3. Unless and until Jonny Wilkinson surpasses Neil Jenkins’ world record for most international points amassed in a career or actually wins this RWC, he should be given eff all. I fail to see what Wilkinson has achieved since the award of his OBE.

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