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If a politician and a bureaucrat were both drowning and you were the only person who could help, would you go to lunch or read the newspaper?

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  1. I’d draft a risk assessment of the health & safety issues involved and develop a best practice protocol for rescue, review it for value for money, check it for any possible discrimination, put it out for consultation with the stakeholders and advertise the contract to implement the rescue in the European Contract Journal and the widest range of media outlets to ensure diversity of applicants and ideally give the job to someone currently unrepresented in the life-saving industry like a non-swimmer. Then we would learn valuable lessons.

    Tim adds. An excellent answer!

  2. As someone who has served in both of the despised capacities, I find this discussion most discouraging. If pressed, I would always venture to save the bureaucrat as my experience of them has certainly been far better than that with most of the politicians I have known.

  3. Dearieme, you’re right! So that’s why my original plan didn’t work. I also forgot the round table meetings with partner agencies and the possibilty of introducing a risk- sharing PFI element into the equation. And target setting would be necessary as well. Thinking out of the box and stretching the envelope, wouldn’t it be easier instead to set water depth regulations of say, shoulder height, and ban advertising of water in any form. A Drowning Czar should also be appointed to head up the work of Ofdrown which would, on the front line, include the employment of Outreach Workers.

  4. It’s only fair to concentrate on saving the bureaucrat. We know, after all, that “their hands are tied” (by the politicians, as it happens).

  5. You certainly wouldn’t want to /go/ and have lunch, you’d need to stay to make sure neither of them climbed out…

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