Something I don\’t Understand About the Federasts

Seriously, this isn\’t just a snide aside, I really don\’t understand the logic here:

This desire to move forward is partly driven by an acute awareness of the constantly changing position of Europe in the world. During the time we have be mulling over internal organisational matters, China has leapfrogged to become larger economically than a number of the bigger EU Member States. India, Brazil and others are moving fast up the inside lane.

As newly developing economies continue to grow, Europe\’s share of global economic activity will shrink. At the same time, global organisations are increasingly important in addressing the big issues – whether the WTO for trade or the UN International Panel on Climate Change.

Faced with this emerging 21st century world order, European countries have come to realise that their joint interests are best defended by being able to speak as one, with a strong united voice. Their collective weight means that they will still be able to remain very much in the game.

All of the international organisations (WTO, UN etc) work on the basis of one country one vote. So if we all get together we get one vote instead of 27. How does this increase our influence?



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  1. The only superstate I’d be interested in is an alliance of liberal capitalist democracies. The EU is too geographically exclusive and anti-democratic as an institution and the UN is demcratic as an institution but populated with dictatorships.

    Okay, not even a superstate, more of a persuasive organisation, maintained by common interest rather than bureaucratic inertia.

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