Sunday Competition

OK, so we\’ve had a near winner to yesterday\’s music competition. Now to take it a stage further. Now, it\’s obvious what the connection between these two videos is: it\’s the same song (I\’d never heard the first version before and thought it rather good).



Right. What is the connection between the second of Saturday\’s songs and this one? The usual geek points for the right answer.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Competition”

  1. Should have kept my mouth shut I see. Apologies for stepping on the fun, Tim. Anyway, I think the link you were looking for is Willie “Too-Big” Hall, a member of the Blues Brothers band and formerly a member of the Bar-Kays. The original Bar-Kays were Otis Redding’s band and 4 of them perished with Redding in the airplane crash in Madison, Wisconsin. (Hall was not an original member of the group).

    (Off the top of my head, there were other connections: both were originally recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, and both record companies had tie-ups with Atlantic Records.) Having now plumbed the depths of my accidental knowledge about music, I shall cash in any geek points earned and retire to a life of near near-luxury and semi-comfort.

    Tim adds: That is pretty good, although not quite the one I was looking for. Steve Cropper, the guitarist in the Blues Brothers Band (with the beard) co-wrote the song with Otis Redding.

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