Teacher Training Days

So surprising, eh?

Sending children home from school to allow teachers to train is a waste of time, a leading academic says.

Pupils in England lose about a week of schooling every year as staff take "inset" days to brush up on the latest teaching techniques and Government reforms.

But research claims there is "depressingly little evidence" that it has any effect on teaching standards.

So teaching teachers the latest trendy educational nonsense doesn\’t improve teaching. Fancy that!

4 thoughts on “Teacher Training Days”

  1. As an aside my wife is a(n excellent) NQT who is not so sure training days are a waste of time; they give her plenty of time to sleep she has lost catching up on other aspects of her job!

    The Englishman,

    Not sure if your being cynical or not but what about the paid (and rightly so) school holidays? Why cant they do the week long training then? My wife is bored witless through the summer, a weeks long training would be a welcome change from the boredom and useful to avoid getting sloppy at the job.

  2. I was rather under the impression that the number of “contact days” in the school year has remained constant, and that the effect of “INSET” days on the pupils is to convert a week of holiday into 5 scattered days of holiday.

  3. Ah, the fabulous “Baker days”. The article doesn’t mention whether the private sector is similarly affected.

    Teachers and coppers? It looks like common sense is not completely dead.

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