That Mandelson Peerage

So Tony Blair is not going to have a resignation honours list. Fine, whatever. However:

Some former Blair ministers, such as Peter Mandelson, would have expected peerages. Mr Blair is hoping that Mr Brown will give him a suitable award for his role in the creation of New Labour. Mr Brown would have to bury his differences with Mr Mandelson, who criticised his party conference speech last week.

Hmm. Not sure about that at all. Can you be a Commissioner if you\’re also a member of the legislature of a member state? Kinnock would have got a peerage for having been Leader of the Oppo: but he didn\’t get it untl afterhe had been a Commissioner. Chris Patten would have got one anyway for his Ministerial career: ditto, after leaving the Commission. In fact, I think it\’s pretty much settled that a retiring Commissioner gets a peerage anyway isn\’t it?

Only a minor point, of course, but I don\’t think that Mandy would have got one even if there had been a resignation honours list.

3 thoughts on “That Mandelson Peerage”

  1. The UN does not allow its people to accept national honours. If the EU applies a similar rule, Mandelson would have to wait until after his term was up.

  2. You don’t get sent to Sec Gen NATO until AFTER you’re lorded, by the looks of it.

    I think John’s right about having to wait for national honours until after you’ve retired from the European Commission. Honorary degrees and academic society (à la Académie Française) accolades seem to be OK though.

    P.S. Lord Mandelson of Brassière?

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