The Apocalypse is Nigh


"Taking the example of the Local Employment Partnerships, claims of indirect discrimination could arise if the effect of these was to encourage employers to employ less migrant workers and more people on benefits, who by virtue of the rules on benefit entitlement might be more likely to be British," the study states.

That\’s a study from the House of Commons Library.

As to the basic point, of course what Brown is suggesting cannot be done for we cannot distinguish between UK and EU citizens. Not allowed to.

Still should be fewer though.

2 thoughts on “The Apocalypse is Nigh”

  1. “It is slightly ludicrous to say that anything we deliver to people on benefits might be a breach of EU law. There has been no suggestion from any other European countries or the Commission that it is remotely problematic.”

    He knows perfectly well that the challenge will come not from those quarters, but from our own judiciary, as soon as he tries to deliver on that empty promise.

    It has become the norm, for our governments (of either stripe), to make themselves look good by promising what they know they can not deliver. Then the anger of the public is directed towards those who implement the bad law, rather than the legislature.

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