The Boy Dave (M)

While this is true it\’s perhaps not quite the right subject to make the comparison on:

A furious David Miliband has demanded an apology after a senior Labour MP compared his approach to the new EU treaty to Neville Chamberlain\’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler in 1938.

The unease was caused by this of course:

Mr Miliband\’s father and grandfather both fled to England from Brussels to escape the advancing German army in May 1940. His mother stayed behind and joined his father after the war.

So any reference to Hitler and the war is concerning, of course. Where such a comparison could be more usefully made is in the Foreign Secretary\’s attitiude to hte Iraqi interpreters. But it would be impolite to mention that, wouldn\’t it?

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  1. The spine seems to run in the distaff side of the Miliband family. Has Dave got a sister (besides Ed)?

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