The Council House as Slavery

Very provocative this and with more than just a grain of truth to it:

But this also casts an odd light on the labour movement and on trades unions. Through their adherence to the ideas of jobs for life, and their demands that working class people be able to depend on benevolent and paternalistic forces, be they employers or the state, or both, and take the consequent lack of freedom that results from this they not only stand in direct line of descent from Roman slaves, but they also demand that they be able to remain as slaves. The dignity of labour is no more than the degrading comfort of the steel slave collar on the neck.

And for all their Pooterish, John Major, Little Chef aspects, the lower middle classes have this in their favour: they came from there. They would not accept the collar. They aspired to independence and freedom.

Until the psychology of the working class disappears, Britons will always include some slaves among their number.

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  1. It is worth mentioning that in the past slavery was actually used as a tool to save lives as well as a tool for mass oppression; the first 5 books of the bible outline examples of slavery known as sojournment which was utilised in times of famine to save entire families who were in poverty by having them work for richer landowners who then became responsible for their health and lives.

    God laid down very specific rules to this:
    1. A slave was to be given the opportunity to leave the service of his master after seven years if he so desired.
    2. If the slave didn’t wish to leave he could bind himself contractually for life to his master.

    Corruption invariably arose of the original rule due to greed and a desire to oppress which brought about cataclysmic consequences for Israel (it is one of the reasons for its eventual destruction and the several generations put into slavery themselves).
    What we see nowadays is a rehash of this old corruption; slavery to the british state originally had very altruistic motives but as the corruption is at the heart of government so is the desire to oppress with this same system. They maintain power at the expense of our individual freedoms and we no longer get a say in the matter.


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