The Investigative Standards of the Daily Mail

I think this is actually quite a cute way of doing the research but your mileage may vary.

The beatroot can reveal that in their zeal to prove how ruinous recent immigration by new EU members – meaning Poles – has been to the very fabric of the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail (London) will go to any lengths – including giving people money to break the law.


4 thoughts on “The Investigative Standards of the Daily Mail”

  1. So worst case, said journalist has incited somebdy to go 10mph over the limit. I’m not even sure if that’s a crime, in theory, the punishment is the same as if you’d committed the crime (?) yourself, so said journalist gets what, a £50 fine? Well worth it in terms of investigative journalism.

  2. Agreed, though it is a pretty poor show. If they were that good they shouldn’t have to pay someone, they would just find the evidence

  3. Surely you’re also inciting them to pervert the course of justice, because you’re explicitly hiring them to go back to Poland and not pay the ticket?

  4. Sorry, but if someone incites through financial gain an action that breaks the law then they have to take responsibility for that action. If they had not offered the money in the first place then the event would not have taken place. The guilty party in a contract killing is the guy who pulled the trigger but also the guy who paid for the trigger to be pulled. I know that is slightly inflating the Daily Mail case, …just a touch…but the principle is the same.

    And anyway – the MSM groan a bout blogging all the time and complain we are a bunch of dyslexic illiterates. And then it sets up stories instead of reporting them. I think they are misusing their huge resources.

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