The Last Taboo?

Slightly odd way of putting it:

A female truant officer who admitted having unprotected sex with a 15-year-old boy was jailed yesterday.

Glenda McKenzie, 44, a married education officer, started the relationship when she kissed the boy as she drove him to school. When the teenager ended the relationship, McKenzie sent him a succession of text messages in which she said that she loved him and threatened to kill herself.

The judge at Hull Crown Court told McKenzie, who has a teenage daughter, that she had broken “one of the last sexual taboos” and sentenced her to 12 months in jail.

Is not using a condom now that last taboo?

Reminds me of the idiot who wrote in to The Guardian when little Leo was born. "What sort of message, what sort of role model, is the Prime Minister when he has unprotected sex?".

With his wife? Sheesh.

7 thoughts on “The Last Taboo?”

  1. Around the time of Leo’s birth there were unconfirmed rumours in fringe media that Cherie Blair had conceived by IVF treatment, it was alleged to better control for a date of birth in the run up to the next general election.

  2. “Of all the things to criticise the Prime Minister for, sleeping with his wife is not very high on the list.”

    I beg to disagree!

  3. on october the 30th the head lines the last taboo which i have just come across is totally wrong glenda mackenzie was only a studant support worker and their was all so no relationship my son had sex with with women to stop her from harrassing him with txts saying she would kill her self she would send 60+ txts aday i just wish u ppl wud get all yr facts before printing this rubbish my son is going through enough without reading yr lies

  4. what is your son going through exactly? He had sex with my mam at the same time he was telling me he loved me. what sort of person does that!? Me and my dad never did anything to him yet he has ruined our lives. Does he feel any guilt? He has no heart! Because of him my mam is in prison, i am heart broken, my dad is heart broken, my family have all split up. He has destroyed me. Your son cares about no one if he did he wouldn’t destroy someone who loved him so much.
    I hate him.

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